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My Story

Experienced. Intuitive. Supportive.

I never thought I would be a helping professional.

I always had a knack for listening to friends and being helpful in difficult times, however, I aspired to corporate life.

In 2011, when I left Corporate America and

began pursuing some of my natural talents, I realized how many people were drawn to me to be their soundboard and "help" them. I resolved then that I would be a catalyst of change for others and support them in overcoming their own ennui.

My Clients

Shortly after I began my private practice, I noticed many of my clients were dissatisfied high achievers. People who checked all the achievement "boxes" and still felt discontent. Sometimes it was their personal trajectory, sometimes it was the organization in which they worked that led to the discontent.


My clients' needs led me to explore

the industrial and organizational arm of psychology. I call I/O psychology, therapy for the work world. We like to believe work is work and home is home but we show up with all of our experiences (and baggage) everywhere we go.

In response to my clients' experiences and needs,

I expanded from seeing individual clients, to also working with organizations to grow leaders, develop teams, and create structures to support employees.


I am passionate about supporting others to define life on their terms so they can gain clarity and live the lives they desire. Whether that is by supporting individuals through transitions, trauma, or grief; helping couples communicate better; supporting groups managing anxiety, and depression; or working with organizations to create environments in which employees thrive and organizations excel. I provide a space for exploring, planning, and supportive implementation.


University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science in Education

School & Mental Health Counseling

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Ph.D. Organizational Leadership

2018 - 2021


Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

Licensed Professional Counselor

License #75105

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