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Don't Survive...Thrive

Through therapy, I support individuals in moving past challenges or discontent in their daily life by helping them identify

their personal values, strengths, and abilities and working to align them with their personal and professional goals.


Through professional trainings, leadership development, and strategic planning, I empower organizations

to create structures that develop healthy cultures where employees thrive and organizations.

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Individual Counseling can lead to a happier, healthier life. Through the use of reflection, therapeutic tools, and techniques counseling empowers clients. Whether you want to focus on the past, be more grounded in the present, or gain clarity for the future.


The goal is for you to become well-versed in the ideology of

Y-O-U. Enabling you to identify what you desire and handle whatever stands in the way.

It is one thing to be heard but it is another thing to feel understood. Group therapy & Support groups can very helpful for that.

Through the group process, you receive support but you also provide support. This circle of validation allows processing that individual therapy cannot always provide.

The goal of group therapy is to help its members change. The goal of a support group is to help its members cope.

Professional development is often role specific but the development of the employees needs to be aimed at more than making them proficient at their job duties. People are organizations largest resource.

Effective training and development is vital for every organization. By helping individuals better understand their work and communication styles, as well as create environments in which leaders are developed can reduce turn over and improve productivity. 

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